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Make the Bed

  Recent studies show that people who make their beds sleep better at night. But on rebellious days, when I decide NOT to make my bed, I feel powerful, in charge, not to be controlled by the voices in my … Continue reading

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Review of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a collection of related stories about a platoon of US soldiers in Vietnam. The book is more than a blood and guts soaked through in the … Continue reading

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Embracing the Good

My children’s father lies in a coma, stricken by a stroke in his brain stem.  Although we are no longer tied by marriage, and we are each happily married to other people, our children are like double-sided tape–they bond us … Continue reading

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Writing a Memoir Is Not Narcissistic

I struggle with the fear that memoir writing is a narcissistic pastime. I blame the fear on a  haunting 19th century painting I encountered in the Presbyterian church I attended throughout my childhood. I can still imagine that large and … Continue reading

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Stephen King Interview

In this youtube.com video, Stephen King tells what inspired him to write Dreamcatchers and how he developed his ideas. Dreamcatchers is not a book or movie for the faint of heart; the premise of the alien source is really gross … Continue reading

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Writer Envy – An Opportunity

I have a serious case of writer envy. Stephen King, Ann Lamott, Ian Frazier, Anita Diamant, Deborah Larsen. A stream-of-consciousness list of contemporary authors that spans genres and topics. Envy emerges in me because I want to be like someone, … Continue reading

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