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What, Me Worry?

Anyone who is a boomer will remember the iconic picture of the fictional Alfred E. Neuman– big ears, tooth gap, and the vacant look of someone who doesn’t think about much of anything. Although we imitated his “What, me worry” … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Prayer

I have added a new chapter, among other changes, to the revised version of “Treat Gently, This Gentle Man: A Daughter’s Prayers,” to be released next week through Amazon.com. I offer this chapter on my blog for feedback. Do my … Continue reading

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Announcing New Book "Treat Gently, This Gentle Man"

Announcing my new book Treat Gently, This Gentle Man This book is for anyone who needs some solace, some insight, or some companionship from someone who has lived through what countless other adult children have experienced—the impending and actual death … Continue reading

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Slumdog Millionaire – In Your Face Poverty and Film Illiteracy

I led an adult church school discussion today on the movie Slumdog Millionaire and its possible role in our faith journeys. During the discussion I was struck by two issues: 1) the local versus global response to poverty and 2) … Continue reading

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